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Berry Linux And Its Unique Features

Design and usability combined into one, the Berry Linux features an impressively fast operating system. Aside from that, installing the Berry Linux distro will not take much toll on probable users because of its readability through the CD-ROM, USB drive, USB HDD, or HDD. Being an active open-source software, the Berry Linux adapts fairly to the international scene since it is available in the English and Japanese languages, the latter having different variations of fonts and language input engines. Bootsplash, on another note, gives the Berry Linux a graphical set up which then allows users to create three-dimensional desktop effects. You can install Berry Linux on your computer with the help of Rufus. All you have to do is, prepare a bootable USB drive using Rufus and boot your computer using that drive. Unfortunately, Rufus does not support Mac computers. If you have a Mac, you can use Etcher as an alternative.

Although Berry Linux is a separate distribution, it is based on Ubuntu. This is an operating system for beginners. It has more software pre-installed than the previous operating system. Berry Linux is almost identical to Ubuntu, in terms of the internal aspects of the system that are hidden from the user's eyes. The graphical interface is more similar to Windows, which undoubtedly leads users to choose this operating system. As the Berry Linux developers themselves say, their main goal is to create a free and, most importantly, stable operating system for various organizations and companies. Therefore, by installing this distribution, you will get a stable and secure system in all aspects. One of the most distinctive features of Berry Linux is its pre-installed applications. As a result, you will immediately have the opportunity to run most Windows games and programs thanks to the Wine program. The users also can download additional applications on their own, using the web browser.

As I mentioned earlier, this is a great operating system for people who are looking to enter the Linux world. Unlike Windows and Mac, Linux is not owned by a single company. Linux is open-source; which means that anybody can distribute it and can improve the capabilities of the code to suit their preferences. Anyone can create a project or modify another, and if it succeeds, the results of the work will be known to millions of users. Users participate in testing free programs, communicate directly with developers, allowing them to quickly find and fix bugs, and implement new features.