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Benefits of Investing in a Wood Boiler Heating System

Since prehistoric times, humans have burned wood from trees to provide warmth and heat. Many thought that this trend would disappear with the advent of gas and electric heating, but wood heating has made a comeback in recent years.

Wood heating systems burn logs, sawdust or pellets to generate heat for a single room or to supply central heating or hot water boilers. If you are considering switching to a wood boiler, there are several benefits associated with it. You can check here to look for the best outdoor boiler door seal if the seal of your boiler gets damaged. 

Reasons to Choose a Wood Burning Stove - Wood Stove Benefits

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One of the big benefits of investing in a wood heater is the savings you can make. According to the Energy Saving Trust, wood boilers can save nearly £600 a year compared to electric heating.

It should be noted, however, that the price of wood fuel fluctuates constantly, but it is still cheaper than other heating options in almost all situations. Logs, pellets, and chips can be obtained from a number of suppliers, such as a local hardware store or a number of online retailers. Don’t forget to shop for the best prices.

The price of pellets for heating boilers really depends on how much you buy and how they are shipped. You can get the biggest savings by buying in bulk. Logs for log boilers can be more reliable and cheaper than pellets, but here too the price really depends on the supplier.

Another major benefit of wood boilers is the low amount of carbon produced. The CO2 emissions when burning wood correspond to the amount that has been absorbed over the entire life of the wood, which makes wood burning a CO2 neutral process. 

In the case of cultivation, transportation and production of wood fuel, additional emissions must be taken into account, but these are insignificant compared to fossil fuels.