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A Quick Guide to Measuring the Boat Length

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When you are out there buying the right boat for you, boat length is one of the crucial factors you would consider. However, most (not all) boat builders take point-to-point measurements from the swim platform to bow spirit for the size. While they don’t include appendages and outboard motors, others do. So, it’s essential to know what length you want and how you are measuring. This will help you find what you need, keeping all confusion at bay.

On the Beam

Technically known as BOA (the beam of the boat), it is the boat width at the widest point. Some people directly translate the beam of a boat to how much area it has onboard. However, on comparing different boats, the results can be surprising.

International Standards

Twenty years ago, boat length was measured using the old school method of hull length. Manufacturers follow CE compliance to be in line with the ISO standard and display different lengths in meters. This makes it easy to understand, compare, and find the right boat from local as well as international manufacturers.

Length vs Beam

Experienced boaters know how much a boat’s beam, particularly the ratio of length to beam, impacts its performance in the water, especially the sea. A wider beam contributes largely to the risky boat behaviour referred to as broaching.

So, when you are looking for a new boat, it is essential to decipher the conflicting knowledge in the market. This helps you know your options and make the right choice. Further, dealing with reputed aluminium boat builders from Brisbane can help you get more information about boats before buying.