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A Guide To Buying Pinball Machines

Buying an arcade pinball machine for home use is a lot like buying a car. It's a great investment, as both require great care and every business is filled with both honest people and criminals.

The pinball machines for sale fall into three categories: used electromechanical (EM) machines, used solid-state machines, and new machines (all new machines are solid-state machines). You can also purchase other arcade game skee-ball machines through

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It depends on why you want the game before deciding which type to buy. If you want the game to play, solid state games are recommended as they play faster.

Electromechanical machines are recommended for people who want to rebuild or modify them. Testing this on a solid state machine will only get you so far, as most of the mechanics in the game are based on a circuit board and not contacts and springs.

In addition to understanding the different types of pinball machines for sale, you must decide which game you want. There is a huge market for games available and you will eventually find the game you want.

How much will a used arcade pinball machine cost? This depends on the popularity of the game, its rarity, and the condition of the machine.

If you are buying your first pinball game, it is recommended to buy one that works first. It is difficult to get an old machine working again without practical experience and special equipment.

You can also find pinball machines for sale from operators, at regional auctions, or online. Buying an arcade machine online is often the only way to find an electromechanical machine. There are also a number of highly respected arcade dealers who sell primarily to collectors.